Ever Heard Of Monkey Bubble Bread?

I read recently in Nigella Lawson’s most recent book, Kitchen, that when she came across the recipe for Grasshopper Pie, an American pie with a neon green filling, she just couldn’t resist making one.  Well I had a similar reaction when I first came across Monkey Bubble Bread, not only because the name is quirky but also because it look absolutely delicious!

Squidgy and golden, I had to give it a go.  After a bit of research through a few different recipes, it turns out that it’s made with a fairly similar dough as the one I use for my Swedish Cinnamon Buns, so I gave it a go with that and it turned out perfect!  The origins of the recipe are fairly vague, but apparently the cake became popular in the 1980’s when first lady Nancy Reagan served it at the White House!

Sure if it’s good enough for Nancy, it’s good enough for me! 🙂  Anyway it’s a really fun bread to make because once the dough has risen, you roll it into little balls and then dip them in melted butter and sugar, then squish them into a bundt tin.  Definitely one to get kids involved in!

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