GIY & Innocent Sow and Grow Campaign

NO FEE Sow and Grow 8

Back at the end of February, I had the pleasure of heading out to meet all the girls in 1st class in St. Kevin’s GNS, Kilnamanagh, to launch the very exciting GIY and Innocent Sow&Grow Campaign. The campaign wants to encourage boys and girls in schools all over the country to roll up their sleeves, get out their spades and grow their own fruit and vegetables.

NO FEE Sow and Grow 4

Since the launch, the GIY team have sent out kits to over 20,000 children in 600 different schools. They are aiming to get 20,000 primary school children started on their GIY journey in 2014.  I was delighted to be involved as the whole aim of the campaign is to get kids growing in schools and at home, so they can understand where food comes from and enjoy the taste of home-grown food.

Unfortunately, all the kits have now been sent out but you can still register to take part in all the fun here.

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