New York and NBC’s Today Show Appearance!

Wow oh wow! What a crazy few hours!  It’s all such a blur but so much fun.  Arrived in New York on Tuesday afternoon and we headed straight to the NBC studios to meet our fantastic contact there, Kate, for a quick walk through of the recipe and ingredients.  The team Bianca and Lish were so nice and so helpful, everything was laid out and unlike live cookery spots in Ireland there was very little cooking involved and it was really more about talking through the stages.  So, confident I had everything in check, we headed off for a wander down Broadway to take in some of the sights and sounds of NYC.  It’s really a city which just whisks you up in it’s own excitement, like getting on a roller-coaster it just completely bombards you with neon lights, beeping horns and some of the most calorific food in the world!  There is nothing to but get swept up in the excitement and although I was completely wrecked, we managed to fit in a delicious vegetarian meal in the massive Italian emporium Eataly close to Union Square.  After food and a glass of wine, I was literally falling asleep on my feet so we headed back to the hotel, where I slept like a log!

Awake and refreshed this morning we grabbed a quick breakfast at Dean & Deluca of an iced Mocha Latte and a Valrhona chocolate doughnut, from doughnut plan- hey had to be done- I was in NYC! 🙂  After a little strolling around rockafella plaza, it was time to head to the studios for the prerecord for Friday’s Today Show.  It all happened so quick, the lovely hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotbe were all hugs and kisses and made me feel so at home- we had so much fun!  We flew through the recipe and all of a sudden we were saying goodbye!  I can’t quite believe it’s all over.  The piece will go out at the end of the Today Show on NBC this Friday so make sure to spread the word- My good pal, the rather fabulous Catherine Fulvio will be on earlier in the show so all the more reason to tune in!  I’m now in Newark airport waiting to board a flight to Stockholm ahead of Tourism Ireland’s global greening project! Totally wrecked so hopefully will sleep!  Thanks for all the lovely messages- totally overwhelmed! 🙂