SKOFF Pies at the Honest2Goodness Market!


Last weekend we took my SKOFF Pies for their first public outing at the Honest2Goodness market in Dublin.  We've spent the last year working on the branding with Creative Inc. and I was thrilled to get some positive feedback.  Best of all though was the reaction to the pies themselves.  In the process of trying to perfect the recipes, I have tried more pies in the last year than I can even remember, with pies even being shipped to Italy when I was filming there, to get a final approval! 

But all the work paid off, we got a wonderful reaction on the range of pies we had on offer.  A classic Beef and Stout, Chicken and Ham and my own little twist, the Pulled Pork Pie, all got their first official tasting and we even sold out!  A big thank you to all the lovely regular stall holders who made us all feel very welcome.  I will be back down at the market again this Saturday from 9am to 3pm giving out samples and selling the pies.  I will also have copies of the Winter issue of FEAST: A Dinner Journal and signed copies of my new book HomeCooked on sale, so come on down and say hello! 🙂

Fresh Cut Pies