Home Alone And A No Fuss Curry Recipe!

This week I’ve been home alone for the first time in a while. I do like my own space, but only for a limited amount of time. ┬áDespite thinking I might enjoy a little bit of ‘me time’, because I work from home, I would go absolutely insane if I didn’t have some sort of human interaction. So my solution this week, rather than stick to solitary meals for one, has been to have people over for a bite to eat! I like the pressure of having people for dinner, there’s a set time I have to start cooking, which basically prevents me from sitting at the computer munching on fridge leftovers.

Rather than make a big deal about having people over, I like to use up ingredients I have in the house. I came up with this dish using ingredients I had, and it’s really delicious. You can adapt it to whatever ingredients you have, I used pak choy because I’m trying to work through a glut of them at the moment but vegetables like peppers and Chinese cabbage would be perfect here and few handfuls of spinach leaves would work too.

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