Crunchie Sticky Banoffee Pie

What can make a naughty pie even naughtier? The answer… CRUNCHIE BARS! If you don’t live in Ireland or England, Crunchie bars are honeycomb bars covered in chocolate and are extremely delicious! But my favourite part of making this pie has to be the nervous and exciting moment of opening the tin of condensed milk after it’s been boiled for 2 hours to see if it’s perfectly caramelised, and then squidging the tin so that the content blubs out over the edge! Those words are probably not even in the dictionary but I feel they best describe the tin of gooey caramel perfectly!

Serves 6
297g can condensed milk
230g digestive biscuits, about 16 crushed finely
115g butter, melted
3 bananas
250ml of cream
3 crunchie bars, roughly chopped

In a small high sided pot, cover the tin and boil the unopened can of condensed milk for 2 hours, keep an eye on it making sure the water level is always above the top of the can.

While the can is boiling, prepare the base of the pie.

Mix together the crushed digestive biscuits with the melted butter until they are combined and then spread the mixture evenly over the base of a 18cm cake tin with a removable base.

Cover and chill for 2 hours in the fridge.

When the can has finished boiling remove from the water and allow to cool. When the can is cool to the touch, open and spread the caramelised condensed milk over the biscuit base.

Slice the bananas evenly and arrange over the caramel.

Whip the cream until it is just about stiff and spread on top of the bananas.

Sprinkle the crunchie bar over the top of the cream as artistically as you feel necessary!

Cover and refrigerate until you are ready to serve.