Happy New Year and A Delicious Dahl…

Delicious Dahl_2

Hello 2014! I get rather excited around this time of year, making lists and plans for the year ahead and I have absolutely no problem jumping on the bandwagon of healthy eating and exercise.  It's a perfect time of the year for new starts. One of my new years resoutions is to make time for simple cooking in the kitchen.  More often than not I find myself testing recipes so the freedom of just cooking gets a little bit lost between stirring a pot and writing down notes.

Delicious Dahl_3

Of course it being the start of the year it's all about healthy recipes on the internet and this rather tasty Dahl ticks a lot of boxes for me.  It's a recipe which features in my column in the new look Delicious Magazine which is now ground breakingly publishing in real time rather than a month in advance. I love healthy recipes that don't lack on the flavour front and drawing on inspirations from Asia always provides lots of vibrant options. Dahl is an Indian dish made with lentils, cooked until creamy, and is commonly eaten with rice or roti, but I like to eat it by itself or alongside some steamed fish.  With red lentils as it's core ingredient, it is full of health benefits and cooked until creamy they are wonderfully comforting.  

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Delicious Dahl