Have Your Cake And Eat It!

Earlier this year, many food writers made their predictions for 2011’s hottest food trends, and one of the big things mentioned again and again was the rise in popularity of home baking.  Rather than trying to find something to topple the mighty cupcake, baking in general is being made cool again.

Things have changed for this age-old art, which was once the domain of every good housewife. Cupcakes are probably to blame — the Irish weren’t going to stay satisfied with fairy cakes and some gammy icing while our American neighbours were gorging on rainbow-coloured cakes that looked as if they came from the set of ‘Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory’.  Gone are the days when only those with a certain level of baking skill could make the perfect cake. Now, everyone wants to give it a go, and more people are trying a spot of home baking.

The process is totally enjoyable, and the end result is a sweet, sticky, gooey piece of something that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.  Everyone needs a really good cake recipe for birthdays and special occasions, and I hope that my chocolate cake with white-chocolate and cream-cheese frosting will become your go-to cake recipe.

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