Irish Food Folk: Harry’s Of Inishowen


Ireland as a country is rich in food culture and heritage which is why I love producing FEAST: A Dinner Journal. For those of you who don't know about FEAST, it's a unique quarterly food magazine which celebrates seasonal eating. All the features within the magazine lead to one final meal and a celebration of passionate food producers and craft. I have met so many amazingly talented food producers working on FEAST that I thought I would post some of my favourite features here and introduce you to some of the Irish Food Folk out there. First up… Harry’s Of Inishowen.


Harry’s Restaurant has been in business for some twenty-three years and is now run by Donal Doherty, the son of Harry Doherty, hence the name! Donal associates Harry's continued success with the decision made in the last few years which led to a huge change in how they operated. They want to source as much produce locally, with just over ninety per cent of their food costs going back to Inishowen producers rather than buying in bulk from catering companies like days gone by.


You may be thinking surely all restraunts to that but Harry’s is one of only a handful of establishments locally sourcing as many ingredients as possible for their menu. Harry's menu features produce from Edenmore Farm, the fisherman's co-op and hangs their own beef for 28 days in their special hanging room.


As well as that, Harry's boats their own organic kitchen garden which is tailored to each season as well as the kitchen. Renowned organic horticulturalist and recent recipient of the Irish Food Writers Guild Person Food person of the year, Dermot Carey, works closely with the chefs to plan the garden around seasonal dishes.  With all of that beautiful, Innisowen produce at their fingertips, how could Harry's not be the success it is today?


For our Winter 2013 FEAST we were inspired by Harry's amazing beef and used it in a pot roast recipe.  We served it with Creamed Irish Kale, Mashed Potatoes and Honey-Glazed Carrotts. Recipes below:


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