My New TV Series On RTE!


This summer my brand new RTE One series will be hitting screens.  I want to soak up the knowledge of an older generation and learn about classic Irish recipes, ingredients and cooking methods.

This series is all about celebrating Ireland’s historic food culture and we are on the search for grandmothers and grandfathers, elderly family friends and cooks with heartwarming cooking stories and recipes from times gone by.  We're looking for all kinds of recipes, for meat, fish, eggs and vegetables, not just baking recipes!

We want ‘home cooks’, people for whom cooking good food was an important part of their life: maybe they have a large family, maybe they ran a tea-shop or café, maybe they cooked for their colleagues at work or ‘meals on wheels’.  What matters is their passion, and their store of knowledge and recipes that they use to this day.

To submit a potential candidate, email a short letter describing them to [email protected].

Please include their location, age and of course make sure they are willing to appear on television.