New Beginnings and the perfect pizza base at home…


Welcome, welcome, welcome! I'm very excited to welcome you along to my brand new website with a new look and feel.  We've gone back to the old blog format with this new version of the website as I was feeling our old version was being swallowed up a little.  Now you can freely browse the blog archive in the left hand bar and we've also improved the recipe categories and recipe page to allow you find things a lot easier and to browse over 250 delicious recipes.  A big thank you to Robbie and Cristi from LaVerita studios for doing a fantastic job on the design and Simon Walker for designing my new logo.

It's great to have the blog back looking like a blog since we made the change over from The Good Mood Food Blog a few years ago.  I recently realized that I have now been writing a food blog for nearly 7 years, how crazy is that? Time seriously flies! The blog has provided me with some really incredible opportunities with TV and books, and I have to pinch myself every time something amazing happens.  It all started right here, writing, photographing and sharing simple HomeCooked recipes.  There's lots of exciting news coming in the next few weeks and I'll make sure to keep you posted right here.  Also make sure to sign up for the newsletter when browsing blog posts and recipes.  WIth all that business out of the way- how about a recipe?


While I am always on the lookout for ideas to come up with new recipes for my book and here on the blog, the truth of the matter is that I often get more satisfaction from cooking a dish I have cooked time and time again.  I like the repetition and the routine, but I also like the possibility of improving a recipe.  I've been making pizza at home for as long as I can remember, but have never quite achieved that thin, crispy crust yet slightly soft and chewy center at home.  Even using a pizza stone, what I normally end up is a crisp crust but a disappointing doughy center.

The other night however I decided a change up was required and instead of topping the uncooked dough, I partially baked off the pizza bases first.  Regular pizza makers, with a beautiful woodfired stone oven, may scoff but for the domestic home cook, it can be quite tricky to replicate the heat generated in those outdoor ovens.  This solution works a treat and results in what I would consider a close to perfect pizza base.  We made ours with mozzarella and slices of chorizo and the next morning I used up the remaining partially cooked bases to make these (slightly cross cuisine) yet totally delicious huevos rancheros breakfast pizzas!


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