We’re Engaged!


I’m feeling very grown up just writing this post but… After eight amazing years with my girlfriend Sofie, I proposed to her in Paris over the weekend.  I have been planning to do it for the last few months and when we booked a weekend break to one of the most romantic city’s in the world, I knew the time was right.


I spoke to my friend Caitriona, a lady who knows her diamonds, and I was frog marched to John Farringtons Rings in Dublin and managed to find the perfect one for Sofie.  With a thumping heart and a view of the Eiffel Tower, I took out the ring and said those very real words, “Will you marry me?”.


After leaving me hanging with lots of gasping, I put on the ring on her finger and she said yes!  A pretty perfect weekend, all said and done!  A huge hug and a big thank you to Rhianne Jones, who took the images you see here, and has left us with some wonderful memories.