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George’s Marvellous Medicine

June 29

The title for this is inspired by the classic Roald Dahl story, although we can promise that it will taste a lot better and, although marvellous, won’t have quite the same effect! It’s essentially an alcoholic smoothie and is a great combination of dessert and after-dinner liqueur. Definitely not one for the kids. We like to serve this in little milk bottles with straws.

© Recipe taken from Feeding Friends by Terry and George published by Hodder and Stoughton (£20.00)  © Image – Georgie Clarke.


  • serves Serves 6
  • time 5 mins


  1. 1. Place all the ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth.
  2. 2. Serve immediately over ice.

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100g fresh blueberries

100g fresh blackberries

3 large scoops of ice cream

150g full-fat milk

100ml Pernod

Ice, to serve

You'll Need