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Honey Glazed Carrots

March 24

These sticky and sweet little carrots are so simple and delicious and they are ready in a snap! The honey brings out their natural sweetness while the addition of butter and thyme to the glaze really round off the savoury side. Simple and delicious. Perfect with a juicy Beef Pot Roast.


  • serves Serves 6
  • time 30 mins


  1. 1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas Mark 4. Heat the oil and butter for a couple of minutes in the oven.
  2. 2. Tip in the carrots and toss until well coated. Season to taste and roast for 15-20 minutes or until cooked through and tender.
  3. 3. About 5 minutes before they are finished cooking, drizzle over the honey and shake to coat evenly, then scatter over the thyme and return to the oven to finish cooking.

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450g small carrots, scrubbed clean, tops intact

1 tbsp rapeseed oil

25g butter

1 tsp clear honey

1 tsp fresh thyme leaves


You'll Need

Roasting tray