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Bread Recipes You Can Make At Home

May 05
Bread Recipes You Can Make At Home | DonalSkehan.com, This week I have three bread recipes worth saving. There's nothing that fills the kitchen with a lovelier smell than freshly baked bread!

Japanese Milk Bread Rolls

I fell in love with Japanese Milk Bread Rolls on a trip to Tokyo and was surprised at their interesting technique with relies on creating and adding a roux to the dough which provides the lightness that the bread is known for. It’s one of the more complex recipes bread recipes here but is worth mastering for its show stopping results. You can easily transform it by forming the rolls with cold cubes of garlic butter to make the most spectacular dinner rolls.

Get the recipe here.

Garlic & Basil No Knead Focaccia

Garlic & Basil No Knead Focaccia, The more authentic focaccia recipes tend to be a sticky mess that is best left to the professionals but in this no knead method, copious amounts of olive oil and a lack of kneading provide you with surprisingly impressive and easy to handle loaf. Once you have the method down the dough can be transformed with a number of different toppings or even made into a deep-dish style pizza with some good passata and mozzarella.

Get the recipe here.

Crusty White Loaf

The recipe here for a Crusty White Loaf baked in a pot is all about simplicity and like the focaccia relies on minimal effort. The no-knead technique skips the traditional kneading process, allowing the dough to ferment for 12 to 18 hours. This simple method develops gluten naturally, resulting in a flavorful, airy loaf with minimal effort. Cooking this in a heavy casserole pot gives you wonderfully satisfying results. The pot’s sealed environment traps steam, creating the perfect crust, while its heat retention ensures even baking. Even if you’ve never baked bread before this recipe and method is fool proof and well worth adding to your repertoire.

Get the recipe here.