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Big Breakfast!

March 06
Big Breakfast! | DonalSkehan.com

I’d love to tell you we are living for the weekends but at the moment in pandemic mode they are proving to be more like an endurance challenge than a time to celebrate. Lockdown weekdays have structure, there’s zoom calls and online workouts and whatever you’re having yourself. Weekends are a whole other ball game with two unbridled little dudes running riot. After the weekday routine, Saturday morning is like stepping into a hurricane and trying desperately to hold tight to the things that help keep your head together. In my attempt to try and apply some elements of structure to preventing the train from completely derailing, little kitchen projects are keeping us going. So far we’ve done rainy Saturday BBQ pizza parties, bread baking, bun decorating and at one point I thought it would be a great idea to crack out the pasta machine for a homemade pasta day. Needless to say, most activities end in carnage and the cleanup usually takes longer than the activity but it’s a bit of well needed craic injected into an otherwise dreary weekend at home. This weekend it’s all about the big breakfast, which I normally save for Sunday mornings, but this weekend we’re pulling out the big guns and making a meal of it with some tasty recipes to kick start things.

I’ve been making variations of the  One Pan Tomato Breakfast Eggs  here since becoming a dad, particularly when brunch became our new mode of socialisation in the early new parent days and it’s a fantastic one pan dish that can be plonked on the table alongside some sourdough toast for friends and family to help themselves. Possibly best made in the later days of summer with the seasons best tomatoes, but even the most miserable toms can be transformed into something special with this one, you could also swap them with a tin of cherry tomatoes which add a particular sweet sauciness if you can track them down.

Pancakes are always a winner and the recipe I’m sharing today is slightly lighter than your usual American style ones. These  Gluten-free Pancakes with Blueberry, Banana and Honey  are made with oat flour (which can easily be made by whizzing oats to a fine powder), chia seeds and plant based milk, they still result in light and fluffy pancakes by whisking egg whites to fluffy peaks and folding them through the thick batter. Top them with yoghurt, honey and bananas or blueberries for a slightly more virtuous pancake experience.

Lastly if you’re missing your missing food travel, the  Thai Style Omelette  here is one of my favourite quick flavour fix breakfasts that ticks all the boxes of salty, sweet, sour and spicy. If you have the ingredients to hand it’s made in minutes and makes for a fresh start to the weekend!

If you need to shake up your weekends, the recipes here are a solid place to start- enjoy!

Follow these links for the recipes in the photos:

One Pan Tomato Breakfast Eggs 

Gluten-free Pancakes with Blueberry, Banana and Honey

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