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Christmas Entertaining!

December 05
Christmas Entertaining! | DonalSkehan.com, Get ahead of the christmas madness with these super party platters.

I am all for easy entertaining options around this time of year, particularly if you’re having to entertain a crowd. Unlike many recipe suggestions you’ll find around this time of year I like to factor in the reality of entertaining. The cleaning of the house, the fights before the guests arrive and the chaos that normally ensues. Your menu has to be bulletproof and if you’re to contend with all of the above you will certainly need recipes that are either going to help you cheat your way to success or be made ahead. Thankfully I have three that all fit the bill.

Potato Chips, Trout Roe, Creme Fraiche & Dill & Chives

My ultimate bougie cheats festive entertaining “recipe” is this potato chip platter made elegant with creme fraiche, trout roe and dill. It’s a recipe which gives me 90’s Nigella vibes, when effortlessly cool entertaining ruled the day.  A bag of the poshest salted potato chips tumbled out onto a fancy platter and topped with creamy, salty pops of deliciousness is a no brainer. Serve it with a strong cocktail and you have the perfect no fuss canape that makes you look oh so chic.

Get the recipe here.

Irish Cheddar & Thyme Gougeres

If you do need to redeem yourself from a platter of crisps, maybe give my Irish Cheddar & Thyme Gougeres a go. A choux pastry might be the last thing you want to tackle in the stress of entertaining but hear me out. Don’t bother with a piping bag, simply dot rounded teaspoons of the mixture on a baking sheet and they will puff up to become beautiful savoury morsels, ideal to be passed around while guests catch up. They can also be baked ahead of time and reheated and revived in the oven, meaning they arrive hot to your guests- little festive wins!

Get the recipe here.

Irish Boxty Style “Blini” with Cream Cheese & chives

Lastly, a canape which feels uniquely Irish, slices of the best smoked salmon you can get your hands on served atop Irish Boxty Style “Blini” with Cream Cheese & chives. Again the boxty can be made in advance and stored in a container in layers of kitchen paper. Revive in the oven or dare I suggest the air-fryer and they will crisp up and warm through ready to be adorned with their savoury toppings.

Choose one or all three to serve at your festive gatherings this year and you will no doubt impress!

Get the recipe here.